Real fur tug toy

The selection of fur dog toys designed by Frisbeescape.

These special toys for dogs in 100% natural fur are made by Italian craftsmen to give life to the Hniti line: indispensable tools for training dogs, these are useful to create or improve the motivation of them bite.

Unlike ordinary fur games, these special contention tools combine the resistance and consistency of a salamotto with the incredible appeal of natural fiber.

Dog toys made by Sheep or Ram.

Each of these training items is available in 3 models!

By clicking on each of these 2items you will find three different models to choose from for training your dog.
Double handle: a polypropylene and rubber handle has been inserted on both sides of the leather.
Ribbon: a very resistant braid of fleece crosses the leather part to allow the dog a grip on 100% of the article.
Anaconda: with a total size of 120cm, Anaconda is the perfect game to work on launched attacks and / or to give the right space to more shy subjects. Comfortable and resistant colored biothane handle; elastic fleece body useful as an anti-shock for the dog’s neck (maximum extension up to 200cm).

Composition by game type:
Hill: 100% light long hair of sheep.
Forest: 100% long black sheepskin.

Be careful:

these articles are suitable for biting but not for chewing. Do not leave the game to the dog or it will lead to a very rapid deterioration especially if this will effect the “dismemberment of the prey“.
We also recommend paying particular attention to the conservation and maintenance method of the Hniti games to preserve their good condition.

Happy bite!

Credit: Cover photo by Mattia Gorno