FrisbeEscape: a story of PASSION LOVE PROGRESS .. for your dog

Raid frisbee for dog super resistant

Frisbee RAID series

Designed for those with a destructive bite,
super stable disc with every
weather condition!

Stable disc even against strong wind conditions
Bite resistance
Estrema resistenza al morso
It fits perfectly into the Hard bite range: 140 gr
It needs very little hyzer
Rocket frisbee for dogs performance

Frisbee ROCKET series

The medium disc, adaptable for any situation studied for awesome performances!

The suitable disc for Freestyle and Distance
Bite resistance
Medium-high bite resistance
The perfect weight: 110gr
It needs of a moderate hyzer for distance throws

Totally ATOXIC

There are no compromises when it comes to our beloved dogs.
We have chosen guaranteed plastic materials for our and their health,
because we want to be able to follow and guarantee our stuff
from raw material to final product.

"..each frisbee are the same!!"
"Really? Would you run a marathon with trekking shoes?"
The right equipment was created for each sport.
.. Run with running shoes, play with the right Frisbees!!

Team FrisbeEscape


We ROCKING the field! Our teams of Discdoggers supported by FE's equipment.
team fe


FrisbeEscape is active part of the sport with Comps, Seminars and Shows. Follow us and partecipate!