The colour of frisbee it can changes its bite resistance?

The colour of frisbee it can changes its bite resistance?

It often happens to come across discussions concerning the different colors of a range of frisbees and to hear that the color X (for example Red) is more resistant than the color Y (for example Blue).

Are we really sure that color defines such a net change in mechanical resistance (to bite)?

Actually it’s FALSE, let’s try to understand why:

The dye, in technical jargon “Masterbatch“, is a capsule of an X plastic material that contains the pigment (dye).
We realize that it is a blister similar to that of the pills we use to treat us where we have an outer membrane (film) and inside it the active ingredient (in our case the dye).

Since our frisbees (of any brand and model) are composed of polymer chains, it is essential to know that NOT all polymers bind to each other.

Precisely for this reason, if the base material is not compatible with that of the dye capsule, we will have a “pollutant” that will leave some chains open and the result will be: a more fragile disc.

Additional peculiarities of the dye:

It is good to know that the dye has a specific weight and this will affect the final weight of the object. The white as the brick red color are the heaviest, on the contrary the fluo colors are those with a lower specific weight.

The FrisbeEscape discs (Addict, Rocket and Raid) were created using masterbatches compatible with the base material, try them and evaluate for yourself.

We hope that this article was of interest to you and that you could shed light on an aspect that had long been shrouded in many doubts.

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